Bank History

On July 30, 1897 the Bank of Coushatta was chartered and opened for business in the bank_1897Town of Coushatta, located then on the East bank of the Red River. The total capital stock of the Bank at opening was $15,000.00.

In June of 1915, with capital stock of $25,000, a surplus of $6,250.00 and total deposits of $200,000, the Bank of Coushatta opened a branch in Lenzburg, a community of 3,000 inhabitants. Lenzburg was located along the Shreveport-Red River Valley Railway and the Red River in the heart of the Crichton Oil Field in Northern Red River Parish.

In 1922 the Oil Boom subsided in the Crichton Oil Field and Lenzburg disapeared. As the result of the Coushatta Fire, the town of Coushatta and the Bank relocated on what now is Front Street facing what later became the Louisiana and Arkansas Railway, (now KCS) with a new modern brick building.

In 1926 the Bank of Coushatta purchased the assets of Peoples State Bank of Coushatta. Later in the height of the Great Depression the Bank of Hall Summit in Northern Red River Parish was also acquired by the Bank of Coushatta. During the 1950s and the 1960s the Bank of Coushatta did some major remodeling of the Front Street location adding a Night Depository, a Drive in Teller Window, and an elevator.

In 1972 construction on a new bank building began at 1525 Ringgold Avenue as much of the town was moving to this location. The new facility was opened in 1973 and this is the current location of the bank.

As of the 100 year Anniversary of the Bank of Coushatta, there were only 7 other Banks in Louisiana with charters prior to the Bank of Coushatta’s original charter of 1897.

The Bank of Coushatta has changed along with the community of Red River Parish to provide the needs and demands of the people it serves.

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