Bank of Coushatta
Thursday, August 21st, 2014 7:04am CDT
Why should I sign up for On Line Banking?

  • 24 - 7 Access to my personal banking information.
    I can log onto any computer with internet access any time with my Personal ID and Personal Password and get my account balance(s).

  • I don't have to wait until my statement comes in to balance my checkbook, I can do it when I need or want to.
  • It's Free
  • I can transfer money from my savings to my checking immediately.
  • I can pay most loan payments from my checking account without calling or coming by the bank.
  • I can see the endorsement on my canceled checks and print them with a click of a button.
  • I can quickly see if a particular check has cleared my account.
  • I can see direct deposits as soon as they come in. I can even set up my account to email me when a particular deposit is made into my account.
  • I can have my account email me when it reaches a certain balance, that helps me avoid getting into an overdrawn status.

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